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Do you want collaborate?

For us, the messages donated by the Angels are a precious jewel that transformed our lives in a ‘Song’ of love, joy, peace and gratitude. That is why we are happy to donate. In addition to books and audiobooks, we organize some events (audioconferences, etc.). 

If you want to host us for an audioconference:

We have all the necessary equipment and friends who help us in the presentation.
During the audioconference the authors of the books will be connected to presentation the books and answer any questions.
We only ask you for the availability of a hall  and to collaborate in promoting the event.

We desire to:

–  continue the donations,
–  translate the books into other languages besides English and Spanish,
–  create audiobooks in English and Spanish as well,
–  publish other books containing other “Aids” donated by the Angels.

We are happy to welcome volunteers to translate books in other languages and donors of voice to create the relevant audiobooks.
If you desire to support us financially in spreading the messages of the Angels, or collaborate in any way, please write to: assoc.cultural@suonidiluce.com


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