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I was not alone - 2

True and touching story of a child (Steven), who lost his mother when he was six years old.
He lives a childhood and adolescence of hardships, lack of understanding, pains, in the silence of a desperate loneliness.
Steven hears a voice in his heart: it is the voice of a ‘Wise Friend’ (Dave), who will accompany him through his growth.
He gives him explanations and consciousness in a simple way, helping him to understand his feelings and emotions, the situations and relationship he lives, what determines people’s behaviors.
He kindly show him how to live his life.
Once adult, Steven finds out that Dave is his Angel.

The story can surprise for the great simplicity and spontaneity of Steven while showing his feelings and emotions that touch deep in the heart where everyone holds the same feelings and emotions sometimes remained unexpressed.
Steven helps to feel the presence of an ‘Angel Friend’ next to us, able to read in our heart and to know us so well as to help us in everything.
If we let Him to talk with us and be with us in everything, we will never feel alone.
The tender love that surrounds this story can nourish the inner Child inside every one of us, even children, adoloscents and young people.
The simple wisdom contained in this story can accompany everyone in our growth. It gives food for thought about life and its values.

The story is divided into 2 interconnected volumes, since the 2nd volume is the continuation of the 1st one.

Dave’s words have been channeled by Satya

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