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Your hand in Mine

Beloved Heart, beloved Soul, how many times have you felt alone? 
You can feel alone even when you are loved by a family, friends and a life partner. Why?
Sometimes you feel that, by yourself, you have to react, live, fight even if they can support you. Often, you feel that words do not express your deep feelings, thus you have difficulties in making your innermost part being understood.
This book helps you in realizing how your Angel lives in you and for you, reacts and fights in you and for you, knows you so well that he helps you in understanding who you are, your Essence, the treasures of your heart, living your human and Divine potential like that.

In this book, you can find messages from the Angels given to those who are looking for the way to live in harmony and peace with themselves and the others, wishing to have a simple and joyful heart, the heart of a happy child.

Your hand in Mine
Gifts of Love of the Angels to live in the joy

Meeting of two Luminous Souls
(Recognize us as free Souls on their journey towards the Light, and live the purpose of the Soul)

Who is your Angel, how to perceive Him, how to live a relationship with Him

How to talk to Angels: the prayer, the silence the meditation

The breathing

(Through breathing we can bring Love, Light, and everything we need within us. With it we allow everything to flow naturally, we merge with the Universe, and find peace anew)

The Nature: a home, a school
(We can rediscover Nature as a place to regenerate and strengthen our body, the source to restore and fulfil our heart, the means to nurture the Soul)

The Love
(We can learn freedom in Love, that which unites without tying, discovering the new Love by loving all and everything)

The joy and the smile
(Joy attracts, and smile protects: by applying both we can give Love and Light)

The gratitude
(It reminds us of all that we already are and have, in doing so it attracts what is necessary to us)

Recognizing who you are, recognizing your Essence
(We are the Children of the Light, the Sky, the Earth, we are a Gift of Love.
Within each of us there is a Child, a Warrior, a Traveller, a Pupil, and a Teacher; recognizing that we are all of these aspects, we can give them the necessary space, and express them accordingly in the various situations in life)

Expressing your Essence
(As we live out the Divine within us, we can manifest our inner Light, give Love, our ‘Scent’, our ‘Colours’)

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