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I am beside you

The Angels, through the messages herein included given by means of channeling, lead us to understand the sense of life with our heart, the reasons why things happen around us, the sense of difficulty and pain.
They help us to express our ‘Power of Being’, the ‘Power of the Soul’ that allows to overcome any difficulties, any obstacle, going beyond the limits of the body.
They suggest us how to live our daily life, being it the best ‘School’.
With Them next to us, life becomes a magic adventure, a game for our inner Child.

I am beside you
Gifts of the Angels to transform you life with the power of Love

Reincarnation and Past Lives
(Angels define ‘Past Lives’ the collection of journeys lived, and all the experiences we have had through them.
It is possible to own anew our Past Lives and allow it to come to the surface in a very natural way, with a sense of peace and without trying to know and remember, but with the certainty that it will happen at the right time whenever we are ready for it)

The Awakening of the Soul
(With the term ‘Awakening’ we describe what happens when we begin to comprehend that we are free Souls, and therefore, creators of our own experiences)

Life: meaning and purpose
(The life we live now, is but one of the many journeys from which our Soul has chosen to grow, evolve, and become more luminous.
It is a great portal to infinite purposes. Day by day we discover new aspects of it, and we understand new meanings and objectives)

The personality, the ego, the ‘self’
(To know our personality is functional to discover our Luminous Essence. Our beauty shines and our talents can be expressed when we let go of our ego and ‘Self’ to give room to our Soul’s wisdom)

Humility and Simplicity
(Holding a humble attitude gives room for our pride and our ‘greatness’. Live with simplicity of heart and Soul)

Expressing the Power of Being, the Power of the Soul
(The Power of Being and the Power of the Soul are the inner strength that each of us holds within. They allow us to live our Essence fully, express all our feelings and emotions, fulfil our heart, and give us power to experience everything)

How to relate with body
(Learn to transform your body into a strong and luminous one so that all its ‘colours’ may shine bright. Discover its language to love it and create within it the alchemies we wish to experience)

Being able to surrender
(To ‘surrender’ is a state of the heart. ‘Surrendering’ means to allow what our Soul has chosen beyond our immediate reality, and learning to live responsibly)

How to live life, daily life, job
Fall in love with the Light and Love
Rise to Heaven
Angels as an example
Love all the Creation
Speak with the real invisible world
Take in your arms your inner Girl
Walk with enthusiasm, experience everything as a game, smile, sing, dance
Join responsibility and commitment, to intensity and lightness
Live ‘touching’ the world
Uniqueness and Individuality
Wish to stay isolated
Live the present
How to live emotions
What to do to increase the feeling
Importance of choices
The conception
Dissolve fears and doubts
Understanding the meaning of weariness, of difficulties, of sufferings, and how to overcome them
How you can live the daily life, job, holiday moments.

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