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Helping with Light and Love

The Angels, through the messages given by means of the channeling, help us to learn the necessary things to create the ‘springboard’ from which the heart rises as well as the Soul.

Then, the Heart will sing Love songs freely.
The Soul will fly towards at all Souls to donate himself to them.
Donating and donating himself can become a ‘Means’ of the Light, a ‘Gift’ in the hands of the Angels.
So continue the path, offering himself to Creation and to all its Manifestations, to the Universe and to all Souls that in it travel.
So, the ‘springboard’ becomes every day more ‘flexible’…

Helping with Light and Love
Rediscovering the Art of Helping with the Angels

The art of helping and giving
People you can help
Nature is calling upon us
Simple ‘examples’
Collaborate with the Angels
Would you like to collaborate with Me?
I will help your Souls to meet
How to relate yourself with others
Listen to your Soul
How to prepare yourself

How to help and give
Giving, giving yourself, becoming a ‘Gift’
The joy of giving
The ‘privilege’ of being able to help and give
Perceiving the needs
How to listen and answer

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