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Heal yourself and help heal

There are some attitudes and expressions that open a ‘doors’ to unconceivable and indescribable dimensions and, at the same time, close the ‘doors’ to what causes pain and difficulties. That is why they are called ‘Keys of Light’. Many of them are herein contained.
Psycho-physical-emotional disease is an expression of conflict into our body, heart and Soul.
The Angels, through the messages given by means of the channeling, help us to accept any discordance with peace, to recognize the causes, understand the meaning, discover our ‘Inner Healer’.

The Angels teach us the ‘Recital’ that leads us to our healing; they transform, create, enable and let us live and become the person we wish to be. Thus, we find out that:
“The Way of Healing is the Way of Love, where the heart walks hand in hand with the Soul to learn ‘flying’.”

Heal yourself and help heal
The Angels show the Way to healing

The ‘Keys of Light’
There are ‘expressions’ that are necessary to live serenely, to manifest our Luminous Essence, to achieve peace, to fulfil the heart, and to walk on a path of growth. They open ‘invisible doors’ that allow the Soul to access new dimensions, unimaginable before, but so unspeakably beautiful while at the same time, they close the doors to all that causes difficulties and suffering and to that preventing us to receive help from the Angels and Their gifts. This is why we can define them as ‘Keys of Light’.

Some of these keys are:
Observing the present moment
Acceptance and Respect
Determination and Prudence
Discipline and Constancy
Openness and Positive thinking
Letting go of the past and being able to adapt
Living in solitude without feeling lonely

In additions to these keys, there are some already present in previous books or they will be in future publications.

The way of healing. Meaning of disharmonies and suffering
Means of healing
Call of the Soul and of the heart
Call of the Soul to conclude, to dissolve or to heal the ‘Past Lives’
Non-expression of one’s Essence
Presence of thoughts and non-luminous feelings

What the healing allows:
More serenity and fluidity in the interpersonal relationships
Becoming new – living the new – walking on the Path of the heart
Possibility to give the true help
Possibility to enter in the total silence, in the deep meditation
Understanding life
Possibility to create

Discovering the Healer that is within us – How the inner Healer can act
Healing with hands and heart
Healing with the Light
Healing with Nature
Words – Sounds
Positive thinking and Visualization

How to choose the means and way of cures
Accepting oneself and others – Accepting disharmonies and difficulties
Observing the past to heal, understand, forgive, love
Daily life as a means of healing
Creating changes
Acting with intensity
Asking for help: why it is necessary and how to ask for it
The expression of the heart
Sharing, giving, receiving
Inebriating the mind
Letting go of what is inside
Fear to open the heart, to share
Fear of the inner work and of what growth requires
Fear of the not understandable, the non-visible
Dissolving doubts and difficulties

Reciting to become, to heal and to create
Our attitudes, the expressions of our face and body influence our mood, they can penalize or help our actions, modify what surrounds us, and influence the people around us.
If we find it somewhat hard to open up and express what we hold within, what we wish to manifest, what we feel is right, useful, and beautiful for us, we can help ourselves with Recital.
When we recite, we are able to release blocks and obstacles that were previously preventing our expressions, all the veils that were precluding the true vision of our life, the surrounding world, and ourselves, fall off.
Recital is, therefore, a great tool to understand, discover, heal, become, and create.

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