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These 4 books collect many messages donated by the Angels through channeling.

With Their loving and clear words, the Angels help us to:
feel accompanied, loved and protected by Them;
learn to establish a dialogue with Them and feel them as our amazing Friends;
discover within ourselves our own Human and Divine Potential that we all possess, to experience it fully and  express our whole Essence;
understand feelings, emotions, sensations that we carry in our hearts so that we may manifest them, or transform them,  or transcend them so that our heart may feel light and joyful;
know the meaning and purpose of our life to live intensively and seize all possibilities from every opportunity;
love ourselves, others, and everything that surrounds us, including all the Creatures in the Universe both visible and invisible;
live each relationship peacefully, loving with unconditional Love, compassion, forgiveness and in total freedom;
give humbly and simply to help those in need we meet along our journey;
give to ourselves all that our body, heart, and Soul require to build a strong body, a fulfilled heart, and a free Soul;
be free and let everyone be free to live in harmony, and in peace.

Other messages give us awareness about our own Evolution and Ascension on Planet Earth, and on the current cellular transformation.

The messages have been organised by subject, and divided in several books to follow you on your path of personal growth and evolution. To facilitate this, we have chosen to list for each book the topic covered in it.

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